25a8529963121f912b54b74f613c962dHello, I’m Tiffany

I am a senior Information Systems major at Kennesaw State University, who found her true passion in web and application development. Previously I was a Computer Science major for about 2 years before changing my major. While I love programming, I find that understanding how information technology can support and even drive business strategy highly interesting. Thus the reason behind why I changed to Information Systems.

When I had my first web development class, I immediately found HTML and CSS quite fascinating. After the class, I knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life! Especially with my love for programming and the combination of creative and problem-solving skills when writing code. Along with this is knowing that there is always more to learn and expand my knowledge!

In my free time, I’m currently teaching myself how to code in PHP as well as understand how to build successful responsive websites.

I would like to expand my experience in web development and am currently seeking a position after graduation.

➤ B.B.A – Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems – Graduating: May 2017

Email me if you want to talk tech, web development, or even about building computers at tifa.hall59@gmail.com.

Specialties: Web development, application development, CSS, HTML, Java, Photoshop, Illustrator, social media, innovation, team-building and collaboration, flexibility and multi-tasking